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Soeren Wibholm Just took ownership of Torsmark farm in Salling in 1989. The farm was Soeren’s mother’s birth home and he, along with his wife and their four children are now the 10th generation to call Torsmark their home and work place.
When Soeren W. Just took over the farm, he changed its main business focus and started growing potatoes. Today, the production of seed potatoes is the key crop produced at Torsmark.
The farm permanently employs between 4-10 staff. This variation in numbers is directly linked to the seasonal nature of the production of potatoes.
Soeren W. Just has a great deal of experience in farming and growing crops, not least because of his background as the son of a farmer. Still, his CV gives a much better picture of his abilities and skills:


•    Educated agronomist and practicing farmer
•    Wrote his final thesis at the Copenhagen Farm University on the subject of potatoes
•    Past potato consultant for KMC, Kartoffelmelcentralen (Potatostarch Central Organisation/Group)
•    Past farming consultant for Dansk Kartoffelproducent Forening (The Danish Potato Consultant
•    Past editor of the potato  publication ”Kartoffelproduktion” (”Potato Production”)
•    Past freelance advisor for Kim’s Chisp Factories
•    Past chairman of Nordvestjyllands Froeavlforening (Northwest Jutland Seedproducting
•    Member of board in DLF AmbA


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